Welcome to the new and improved version of my humble lil website! Primarily a gallery of my artwork which, hoping to get a few looks from the mainly male discerning comic art afficionado, features a fair few female characters, (hence the site name) this site is hopefully a showcase for any artistic ability I may have! Hunt around and find other galleries featuring heroes, sequential art and even articles.

Click on the thumbnails in each gallery and have a look around. Clicking on a full image will toggle its size. I'm just getting back into drawing so don't expect the regular deluge of updates as with the first version as I'll only be sticking up pieces that I personally like from my work. Commissions and requests are still as welcome as ever though.

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A Distant Soil
The official site for news about artist Colleen Doran and her work.
The Jock
Like the pages in the Sequential gallery? Read the entire 1st issue and more at the home of the long running small press comic drawn by me.
Rol Hirst
The author of The Jock and many other stories and small press titles.
True Stories Comics
Small press comics and artwork by my webmaster here, Tony McGee, including the early Dark Weather and recent sci-fi works Angel Nebula and Frontiers.
The Rainbow Orchid
Artist and writer Garen Ewing is a superb illustrator and a good guy so do yourself a favour by swinging by to check out his stuff.